Neat Forex will hold a new contest for partners “CASH BONANZA”.


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  • Neat Forex Launches IB Contest “ CASH BONANZA”

    Neat Forex will hold a new contest for partners “CASH BONANZA”, which will take place between the 1st and the 31st of May 2019.

    All new and existing IB & Affiliate partners of Neat Forex will be able to join and compete to become one of the 6 winners and receive additional Cash prize to their partner commission for a period of 1 month.


Minimum Qualified Criteria

10,000 USD 1 st Prize
Minimum Deposit

50000 USD

and 300 Lots
5,000 USD 2nd Prize
Minimum Deposit

25000 USD

and 200 Lots
2,000 USD 3rd Prize
Minimum Deposit

15000 USD

and 150 Lots
1,000 USD 4th Prize
Minimum Deposit

10000 USD

and 100 Lots
500 USD 5th Prize
Minimum Deposit

5,000 USD

and 75 Lots
250 USD 6th Prize
Minimum Deposit

2500 USD

and 50 Lots

In order to qualify for one of the prizes, it is necessary to qualify by getting the minimum value of the lots traded by referrals and minimum amount of deposits made by referrals according to the table above.

The complete contest rules are available here.

  • Contest start date: May 1st 2019
  • Contest End Date: May 31, 2019
  • Date of announcement of the Contest results: June 10, 2019
  • Partner having status of IB and Master IB can take part in this Contest.
  • To take part in the contest, the partner must have a partner’s account that is not archived during the contest period, complete the verification procedure.
  • Clients who are registered during the Contest period by the IB shall only be considered for the Contest. Any client registered on or before and after the Contest period will not be taken into the account for volume calculation.
  • Both Net Deposit and Lots Size will consider for this contest winner.
  • After registering in the contest, each partner account must qualify, gaining minimum performance.
  • The Contest is based on the calculation of the total deposit & trading volume made on Partner`s referral accounts.
  • Only active client accounts during the contest period will be considered for the calculation of volume
  • Only closed deals(trades) are taken into calculation. Open trades will not contribute in volume calculation.
  • Counting is carried out on the 1st level of referral partners. Referrals of sub-partners are not accepted for calculation. This is due to the inability to double count the results of the Contest, as sub-partners Master IB can also participate in the Contest.
  • The winner of each prize is determined by choosing from partners who qualified in one of the categories of prizes, as the one who collected the largest number of traded lot by referrals.
  • Participant has the right to declare his desire to participate in the drawing of a prize from the lower category than he/she was qualified.
  • Neat forex reserves the right to change or cancel the contest without prior intimation. Neat forex also reserves the right to review the calculation of volume.
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